Survey Says: Top Yume Character Selector results, Comics Survey
The top 15 Yume Character Selector results of 59 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Yume Character Selector.      

#1 47.5%
Shiraha Kurilu (Good guy, protagonist and prude)
#2 15.3%
Shiraha Yamero (Eccentric but powerful Prophet)
#3 5.1%
Devo ("Holy man" and murderer)
#4 5.1%
Life (Bitchy ultra-powerful deity)
#5 3.4%
Hake Bosabosa (Huge, cute former slave)
#6 3.4%
Ki Kanbasu (Villain, ultra-manipulator and pervert)
#7 3.4%
Leene (A normal girl in an abnormal world)
#8 3.4%
Majikku Inku (Reserved, annoyed imposter)
#9 3.4%
Pantera (Powerful, cute and psychopaaathiiic)
#10 3.4%
Raven Wordmage (Switzerland with Nukes)
#11 1.7%
Katter (Mischevious but helpful ghost)
#12 1.7%
Madonna (Self sufficient feminazi)
#13 1.7%
Oops Derkins (Ultra-fangirlish shoujo heroine)
#14 1.7%
Sprite (He's got power, magic and money, what's his prob?)
#15 0.0%
Ki Doreen (Villain, queen and mother)

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