Survey Says: Top WHAT FRUIT ARE YOU?!?! results, Humor Survey
HumorThe top 8 WHAT FRUIT ARE YOU?!?! results of 1100 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for WHAT FRUIT ARE YOU?!?!.      

#1 40.4%
banana: you're hilarious. what can i say, I LOVE YOU!
#2 15.5%
orange: you're exciteable and are oftend hyper. People love you and you love them back!
#3 13.2%
pear: laaaaazy. you don't engage in physical activity often. You would rather be watching TV or taking an online quiz. snore....
#4 11.6%
lemon: reeowr! you can get pretty catty and sour sometimes, but you're energetic and spunky so people generally like you.
#5 9.3%
grapes: while you may not be the most outgoing person, you are an extrovert and you love to be around people.
#6 4.8%
apple: You little suck up! I bet your teachers think you're adorable, but I don't... You do have a good side though. It only shows when there aren't people of authority around you.
#7 3.8%
pineapple: Dude, where's my car? You're a ditz. Like a pineapple you are definitely BLONDE on the matter what color hair you have. you probably believed me the first time i told you it was the last question. But that's ok, my inner blonde shows sometimes too!
#8 1.4%
watermelon: You're a prep! You always care about what you look like and you probably like bright colors, like pink and green.

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