Survey Says: Top What Caste Would You Belong To? results, History Survey
The top 5 What Caste Would You Belong To? results of 490 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Caste Would You Belong To?.      

#1 31.2%
Brahmins-You were considered supremely holy. This cultivated an arrogant, wise attitude. Your job was probably priest. The highest class.
#2 28.2%
Vaishyas-You were a little bit holy. You were either an artisan or farmer. This cultivated a normal, earnest attitude. The third highest class.
#3 25.5%
Shudras-You were not considered holy at all. This developed a humble, helpful attitude. You were a servant or slave. The fourth highest class.
#4 8.0%
Kshatriyas-You were quite holy. This cultivated a tough, proud attitude. Your job probably was king or, more likely, warrior. The second highest class.
#5 7.1%
Outcastes-You were considered blasphemous and awful. This cultivated a rebellious, cynical attitude. You had no career. You were so bad you were outside the system entirely.

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