Survey Says: Top What type of person are you???? results, Astrology Survey
AstrologyThe top 10 What type of person are you???? results of 26754 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What type of person are you????.      

#1 23.7%
Creepy- you just so weird hardly no one understands you.
#2 15.8%
Depressed- everything sucks, you sux i sux the world sux
#3 12.7%
Cutsie- you are sweet and lovable, people just seem to like you.
#4 12.0%
Romantic- everything is sooo cute to you, even when someone is not trying to be.
#5 10.6%
Goth Child- You are the queen/king of the night you neither like are want people you are quite fine being alone.
#6 8.5%
Sportsy- competition is your name and almost any sport is your game.
#7 6.5%
Serious- you don't like to joke around you get things done.
#8 4.1%
confused- you are not quite sure what you want in life everything seems kinda boring
#9 3.8%
me me me me me me me(yes that is you)
#10 2.4%
radical- everything is a party and everyone is always you think

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