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Share -- The top Who are you most like? results, A Buffy the Vampire Slayer Selector
Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe top 10 Who are you most like? results of 66 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Who are you most like?.

#1 18.2%
You are Faith.. Moody sexy and Hot
#2 15.2%
Dawn-Kicking on the wild side
#3 13.6%
Xander-Stupid but cute
#4 12.1%
Bad ass Anya is you. Watch out
#5 12.1%
Giles- Yikes you need to get out more
#6 9.1%
#7 7.6%
Willow! Hey net girl
#8 6.1%
You are Buffy.. Sensible but with an edge
#9 3.0%
Dru-Watch those claws
#10 3.0%

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