Survey Says: Top Would you make a good ruler? results, Politics Survey
The top 6 Would you make a good ruler? results of 370 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Would you make a good ruler?.      

#1 51.6%
You'd make a wonderful ruler, very fair and just.
#2 21.9%
You are horrible, worse than Hitler. It is best if you are shot now.
#3 12.4%
Well I'm sure you have a great personality anyway...
#4 10.3%
You'd make an OK leader, at least better than the current ones.
#5 3.0%
You wouldn't make that great a ruler. You're just so boring and normal, go work in a fast food resaraunt.
#6 0.8%
You're so lazy, you're too busy playing with your cool tecnology to notice the famine that is your country.

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