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Alcoholic BeveragesThe top 15 What type of North American Whiskey are you??? results of 299 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What type of North American Whiskey are you???.

#1 37.5%
Gentleman Jack- Some damn fine whiskey
#2 18.4%
100 proof Southern Comfort- the official drink of the univeristy of mississippi, at first it's all about kicking some ass then the caramel kicks in and overwhelms you
#3 14.7%
Jim Beam Black Label- Best Jim Beam has to offer
#4 6.4%
Jack Daniels black label- at first the charcoal is overwhelming but swish it around a little and you'll get a rather favorable suprise
#5 4.3%
Canadian Hunter- little brother to crown royal known to give drinkers the constant runs
#6 4.3%
Crown Royal- the papa of canadian whiskies mostly for people that don't know what they want in a whiskey and just drink the fashionable drink
#7 3.7%
Wild Turkey 101- They call it Wild for a reason
#8 3.0%
Jim Beam white label- good all around choice not to raspy and a small hint of caramel at the finish
#9 2.7%
Heaven Hill- Oh, God i think i'd rather drink mule piss
#10 2.7%
Rebel Yell- She cried more, more, more,
#11 0.7%
Kentucky Tavern-Oh, God i think i'd rather drink mule piss mixed with otter semen
#12 0.7%
Old Grand Dad- oh god that's gonna leave a mark
#13 0.7%
Ten Year Old Charter- been known to cause cancer in lab rats
#14 0.3%
Old Crow- Old crow is just about all you can say about it
#15 0.0%
Maker's Mark- the Caddy of bourbon, nice all around drink

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