Survey Says: Top How twisted are you? results, Weird Survey
The top 5 How twisted are you? results of 758 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How twisted are you?.      

#1 44.9%
I doubt anything could corrupt you - you're about as innocent as they come. Not for long.
#2 25.1%
Who let YOU out of your cage? Still need to keep a leash on, but we'll let you run free in a fenced in area.. IF you're good.
#3 21.8%
Mm.. squirrel.. tastes good on rye. You're about as disturbed as they come. You belong at
#4 5.7%
I guess they haven't introduced you to drugs yet. Your mind is a slightly tainted white.
#5 2.6%
Stay back! You're the sickest of them all, let's just say that nothing can escape once you've caught it in your twisted coils.

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