Survey Says: Top What Kind of Animal Are You?? results, Recreation Survey
RecreationThe top 6 What Kind of Animal Are You?? results of 892 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Kind of Animal Are You??.      

#1 40.8%
Dog---Aww...easy-going, trustworthy, loyal, and lovable. That's you!
#2 40.4%
Strawberii---Wonderful! A cool individual that knows a good time! Definately NO retread!
#3 10.1%
Cat---Though sometimes rude and selfish, you definately have a good grip on reality. Still...lighten up a bit!
#4 3.3%
Mouse---Nosy and curious, always asking questions. But hey, how do you learn withing asking, right? ^^
#5 3.0%
Swan---Graceful, clean, and well-kept. Aristocrat a heart, but maybe you should let loose a bit! >.>
#6 2.5%
Goose---Khehe, you silly goose! Silly maybe, but no one can accuse you of not having fun!! ^^

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