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Share -- The top Survival in the Desert results, A Military Selector
MilitaryThe top 3 Survival in the Desert results of 637 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Survival in the Desert.

#1 73.0%
Excellent desert survival skills and techniques. You and your team live to tell the tale!
#2 17.6%
Poor desert survival skills. You did not provide for the basic necessities for human life which led to your team's demise in the desert. FYI, according to ''Afoot in the Desert'' desert maps are notoriously unreliable. Edible plants include rhubarb, dune plums, thornbush and peas. Drink whenever water is available, not just when thirsty. Salt and alcohol will dehydrate you. Water found in wells is rarely poisonous even bad tasting water. Vegetation around a well is a good sign. A parachute makes a handy tent and sun protective clothing. Avoid cactus-like plants with milky juice. Use a flashlight (night) or mirror (day) to signal planes.
#3 9.6%
Insufficient desert survival skills. A few stragglers in your party survive. The survivors should study basic wilderness and desert survival skills.

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