Survey Says: Top What type of student are you? results, Humor Survey
HumorThe top 12 What type of student are you? results of 632 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What type of student are you?.

#1 24.7%
Mr./Ms. Popular: Well hello, Mr./Ms. Popular! Come back in ten years and take this quiz again. I guarantee you will increase the Fattie McGee percentage.
#2 13.9%
Dumb Jock: You+skanky cheerleader+injury=pizza delivery guy. Word to your mother!
#3 12.5%
Class Clown: *Farts*
#4 10.3%
Drama Queen/King: Hey, did that girl just stare you down? Oh no she di'nt!
#5 10.1%
Nerdy McNerdster: Pointdexter, geek, nerd, take your pick. Don't worry, you will have the last laugh when they have to deliver pizza to your conference room.
#6 7.6%
Hottie Pants: You like to hang out with your wang out, so the whole school has heard.
#7 5.9%
Pothead: Well, what are you waiting for? Pass me some! I hate greedy potheads!.
#8 5.1%
Fattie Mcgee: Seriously, how could you NOT know that answering yes to the donut question wasn't going to lead to this. Well, atleast you are proud of it. Fight the power!
#9 3.2%
School Bully: You like to bully people around, good for you!
#10 3.0%
Gangstah!: Hey fool, get up off my grill! Youse a gangstah, but gangstahs aren't on the internet taking quizzes, they are out dealing with real life issues. Ok, so I will re-label you, ghetto fabulous, or just plain trippin' boo.
#11 1.9%
Outcast: Hey you, get away from me. I wouldn't want the cool kids seeing me around you.
#12 1.9%
Skanky Cheerleader: You know if you spent as much time studying as you did under the bleachers, you could probably be a really hot nerdy mcnerdster. Like, wow!

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