Survey Says: Top What Speech Category Are You? results, Education Survey
The top 13 What Speech Category Are You? results of 6057 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Speech Category Are You?.      

#1 17.0%
Creative Expression - Write your own speech on anything, be as crazy and hyper as you want.
#2 11.8%
Serious Poetry- use a serious poem, make up an introduction, and interpret it by the way you say it
#3 10.0%
Extemporaneous Speaking- they give you a current issue to speak on and a few magazines for research... you have half an hour to research, prepare a speech, and memorize it!
#4 10.0%
Discussion- Discuss an issue one-on-one... with the judge! Be ready to answer questions!
#5 8.8%
Serious Prose - pick a serious essay, story, or piece of literature and interpret it by the way you say it
#6 8.0%
Storytelling - draw for a folk tale to tell, and you have half an hour to get ready and tell it. Be sure to use different character voices, gestures, and movements!
#7 7.6%
Great Speeches- say a speech given by a great historical person.
#8 5.3%
Informative Speaking- present an informative speech you write yourself
#9 5.3%
Dramatic Duo- speak through a skit with a friend, without looking at eachother!
#10 5.2%
Original Oratory- write your own speech on the meaning of life or a critical, controversial issue
#11 4.9%
Extemporaneous Reading- Draw for a story from a book, and you have half and hour to get ready to read it.
#12 4.2%
Drama- act out a scene and make sure you're really expressive!!
#13 1.8%
Humorous- say a funny, pre-written script and add gestures and movement to give the jokes more punch.

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