Survey Says: Top What musical instrument should you play? results, Music Survey
The top 16 What musical instrument should you play? results of 4485 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What musical instrument should you play?.      

#1 17.6%
Piano. Part of the percussion AND strings!
#2 14.5%
Guitar. You can only pull this one off if you wear a bandana on your head or sing while you play.
#3 12.7%
Percussion. All you do is hit things and make noise.
#4 8.8%
Clarinet. My best friend plays it, and it looks cool.
#5 8.2%
English horn. Look it up, it's awesome!!!
#6 8.0%
Viola. Better than a violin, but there's a lot of bad jokes out there about violists...
#7 6.7%
Cello. Big, bad, and extremely cool.
#8 5.4%
Tuba. Also big, bad, and loud. But without the strings.
#9 5.3%
Trumpet. It's OK.
#10 4.2%
Bassoon. The largest kind with reeds, and looks like a telephone pole.
#11 2.4%
Harp. It's really pretty, but takes a lot of dedication to transport it.
#12 2.3%
Forget it. Do something else. Teach math to incapable college students.
#13 2.3%
French horn. It's my favorite. It's french. (Plus, you play it with your left hand)
#14 1.5%
Flute. It's the most competitive and prettiest sounding, if you're good...
#15 0.0%
Oboe. Beginners sound pretty dismal, but if you practice enough it sounds really pretty
#16 0.0%
Violin. I generally don't prefer this, but if it works it works.

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