Survey Says: Top Slavonic (Slavic) Spirit Selector results, Religion Survey
The top 11 Slavonic (Slavic) Spirit Selector results of 1613 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Slavonic (Slavic) Spirit Selector.      

#1 22.4%
Rusalka - you drowned in life, and now haunt the waters. For someone to die in your arms is an agreeable sense of euthanasia
#2 15.8%
Bannik - spirit of the bath, you have a fairly good temper. You will allow three groups of bathers to go before you, but the fourth turn is yours
#3 14.3%
Leshy - wild spirit of the forest, you are very territorial and lead people passing through your forest astray
#4 7.9%
Kikimora - female domestic spirit, you help the mistress of the house with her work, but only if she is first diligent and hard working
#5 7.4%
Dvorovoi - spirit of the yard, you have a bad temper and you are afraid of pitchforks being stuck into the yard fence
#6 7.2%
Domovikha - female spirit of the house and wife to Domovoi, you are also benevolent
#7 6.8%
Domovoi - male spirit of the house, you are benevolent but often moan and groan
#8 5.1%
Vodyanoi - spirit of water, you are a nasty devil! You haunt the mill-dams and often gather with others under the mill-wheel
#9 4.9%
Ovinnik - spirit of the barn, you have a nasty temper! You make wild noises and can laugh your head off for no reason
#10 4.8%
Poludnitsa - spirit of the fields, you are a tall and beautiful girl, but under your appearance is a mischievous disposition
#11 3.3%
Northern Rusalka - you drowned in life, and haunt your waters. You capture passing people and submit them to cruel tortures

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