Survey Says: Top Shinra Executive quiz results, Final Fantasy Survey
Final Fantasy
The top 7 Shinra Executive quiz results of 37 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Shinra Executive quiz.      

#1 56.8%
President Shinra-A greedy, tired old man. You're probably inefficient and dull, but you garner a lot of respect. (President)
#2 18.9%
Heidegger-You're blustery and macho, and have an annoying laugh. You take pride in everything about yourself, and live by an odd set of honor codes. You annoy people as much as you garner respect. (Head of Military Division)
#3 13.5%
Reeve-You're suave and charming. In a group of cruel people, you come off as the best of the bunch. However, you can be manipulative when trying to reach your goals. Other than that, you're a good person. (Head of Public Maintenance Division)
#4 8.1%
Hojo-You're disgusting! You're paranoid, insane and cruel, and desire power and knowledge ravenously. Everyone is your tool, and no one is your friend. (Head of Science Division)
#5 2.7%
Rufus Shinra-You're arrogant, cocky, and charming. Your snobiness and ruthlesness can make politicial alliances but few friends. You're determined but calculating. (Vice President then President)
#6 0.0%
Palmer-A bit of a klutz, you're forgetful and foolish. You aren't as bad as most in Shinra, but you are a bit greedy and impetuous. Your easy-going, lazy, and care-free attitude towards life makes you easy to get along with. (Head of Space Program)
#7 0.0%
Scarlet-You're very clever and manipulative, but you also tend to annoy people. Your uptightness and callousness are hurdles you must surmount, but your glee in everything you do justifies your actions in your eyes. (Head of Weapons Development Division)

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