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The top 16 Which Sonic the Hedgehog Character Are You? results of 1935 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Sonic the Hedgehog Character Are You?.      

#1 17.9%
You are BLAZE THE CAT! You are the born protector of the Sol Emeralds. You can control fire with your mind using pyrokinesis.
#2 14.1%
You are SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! You are the fastest thing alive! You take orders from no one, you live by your own heart! Way to go, hero!
#3 13.0%
You are ESPIO THE CHAMELEON! You are a chameleon who has extreme skills as a trained ninja. You work for a crocodile crazy for money.
#4 9.5%
You are BIG THE CAT! You are a large, unintellegent, but strong, cat who is always looking for his pet Froggy.
#5 9.2%
You are AMY ROSE! You have an obsession of Sonic. You have a giant hammer which you are just about never seen without!
#6 7.1%
You are E-123 OMEGA! You are a large robot created by a mad scientist who you now seek revenge on for locking you up in a room.
#7 6.8%
You are CHARMY BEE! You are a young bee who works for a crocodile crazy for money. You make the other members of the group look professional.
#8 5.2%
You are CREAM THE RABBIT! You are a young, naive, bunny rabbit who can easily make friends with someone. You have a little friend floating around you 24/7!
#9 4.9%
You are SILVER THE HEDGEHOG! You are a psychic hedgehog who hails from the distant future. You will stop at nothing to protect the future for it's desperate existince.
#10 3.5%
You are MILES "TAILS" PROWER! You are a good friend to the hero and you have a skill for inventing!
#11 2.7%
You are ROUGE THE BAT! You are a spy with a flair of stealing rare gems. You have a flashy style.
#12 2.1%
You are KNUCKLES THE ECHIDNA! You were born to protect a giant jewel. You will stop at nothing to reach your goals. You are one tough dude.
#13 1.8%
You are DOCTOR ROBOTNIK! You are a mad scientist who has one goal in life. Take over the world and name it "Eggmanland"!
#14 1.1%
You are VECTOR THE CROCODILE! You are a crocodile mad for the moola. That's why you own a detective company!
#15 1.0%
You are SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG! You never take orders from anyone. You do what you say. You can never stop until you succeed.
#16 0.3%
You are METAL SONIC! You are a copy of the hero. You will stop at nothing at all to destroy the hero. Once and for all!

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