Survey Says: Top Which Sage of the Realm are you?! results, Anime Survey
AnimeThe top 14 Which Sage of the Realm are you?! results of 26 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Sage of the Realm are you?!.

#1 76.9%
Sage (Male Jolteon Morph, Light Realm)
#2 15.4%
Dash (Male Ivysaur Morph, Light Realm)
#3 3.8%
Hinote (Female Charizard Morph, Dark Realm)
#4 3.8%
Jake (Male Arcanine Morph, Light Realm)
#5 0.0%
Gannen (Male Nikoking Morph, Dark Realm)
#6 0.0%
Jet (Male Streameon Morph, Light Realm)
#7 0.0%
Kaze (Male Fearow Morph, Dark Realm)
#8 0.0%
Kurora (Female Vileplume Morp, Dark Realm)
#9 0.0%
Mizuakki (Male Blastoise Morph, Dark Realm)
#10 0.0%
Nekura (Male Sneazel Morph, Dark Realm)
#11 0.0%
Sean (Male Dragonair Morph, Light Realm)
#12 0.0%
Sierra (Female Clefable Morph, Light Realm)
#13 0.0%
Suishou (Female Umbreon Morph, Light Realm)
#14 0.0%
Yumei (Male Ampharos Morph, Dark Realm)

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