Survey Says: Top What kind of guy is right for you? results, Love Survey
The top 5 What kind of guy is right for you? results of 47623 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What kind of guy is right for you?.      

#1 35.6%
BAD ASS BOY- Rev up your motorcycle and heat your spoon, it's party time kids! You like em bad and beastly. But rocks have feelings too...
#2 32.6%
Troublesome sweetheart- Misdemeanor, schmisdemeanor! He's still a nice guy, and he wouldn't do anything THAT bad...
#3 15.2%
Prep-Popular, attractive, and a slave of modern fashion marketing.
#4 14.6%
Quiet, sweet type- Maybe not as popular as a prep, but still part of the in crowd. A nice, caring attitude.
#5 2.0%
Pushy, arrogant, and loads of fun- OK, so he's full of himself, but that means there's more of him to love! He might have done a little jail time, but oh well.

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