Survey Says: Top What punk band would you like? results, Music Survey
MusicThe top 10 What punk band would you like? results of 4406 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What punk band would you like?.      

#1 23.4%
Flogging Molly and Black 47
#2 17.5%
king of punk, you know more than me
#3 17.5%
Catch 22
#4 10.1%
the descendents
#5 9.7%
Nerve Agents, they are the best live band
#6 8.7%
Staplehead (Zero Records) or The Candy Snatchers
#7 6.1%
The Smashing Pumpkins or Tiger Army
#8 4.7%
expand your music horizons, look at the other choices...
#9 1.6%
to die
#10 0.7%
hate anti-flag, heh

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