Survey Says: Top Which song from Newsies fits you? results, Movies Survey
The top 10 Which song from Newsies fits you? results of 259 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which song from Newsies fits you?.      

#1 63.7%
You're a Lovey-Dovey Baby!
#2 34.7%
Baby, you ARE The King {or Queen} Of New York!
#3 1.5%
How about a return trip to Santa Fe?
#4 0.0%
Carry The Banner and call me in the morning.
#5 0.0%
Do you agree that someday, The World Will Know?
#6 0.0%
Fancy a visit to Santa Fe?
#7 0.0%
So...what WILL Become Of The Boy?
#8 0.0%
That's all there is too it, Once And For All.
#9 0.0%
What you need to do is Seize The Day!
#10 0.0%
You know that there will be High Times, and Hard Times.

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