Survey Says: Top HP Date Selector (girls only!) results, Recreation Survey
The top 10 HP Date Selector (girls only!) results of 79 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for HP Date Selector (girls only!).      

#1 31.6%
Oliver Wood (HOTTIE! athletic, nice guy...a Gryffindor. Lucky girl!)
#2 27.8%
Fred or George Weasley (loud, rambunctious, and funny...Gryffindors. Double the fun!)
#3 17.7%
Cedric Diggory (ooh, hottie alert! a Hufflepuff, all-around good guy)
#4 6.3%
Draco Malfoy (sneaky, ruthless, evil. Slytherin...well, if you like that kind of thing...)
#5 5.1%
Ron Weasley (funny, logical, the sidekick type, Gryffindor.)
#6 3.8%
Colin Creevey (the shadow...Gryffindor. I hope you like guys who never leave you alone!)
#7 3.8%
Dudley Dursley (fat, gross, bratty. Muggle. You must be a bitch!)
#8 2.5%
Neville Longbottom (ummm...good luck, if he can remember your name!)
#9 1.3%
Harry Potter (brave, smart, bit of a troublemaker, Gryffindor. Great guy!)
#10 0.0%
Lee Jordan (fun, extroverted. Gryffindor.)

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