Survey Says: Top Which Movie Do You Belong In? results, Movies Survey
The top 9 Which Movie Do You Belong In? results of 58 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Movie Do You Belong In?.      

#1 43.1%
Beauty and the Beast- A classic fairy tale. You don't want to grow up. You love a romance thats G-rated. You are most likely a kind person who isn't quick to judge. You also probably love to dance.
#2 13.8%
A Knights Tale- A romantic action movie. You always have the right words to say to that special someone. However, you keep an equal balance by doing stuff not only for your love but also for yourself. Friends mean the world to you and you always seek thier help for the toughest questions.
#3 13.8%
Harry Potter- A suspenceful kid movie. Though you appear innocent you are actually quite terrifying. You are a good friend and always but morals above the cool thing to do. You are an adventurer and get into alot of trouble.
#4 10.3%
Lord of the Rings- Epic novel movie. Fellowship of the Rings means you love to dream about fantasies. Your head is proabably always in the clouds and like it that way. You also show a sense of courage and bravery when you have an important job to do.
#5 10.3%
X-men- Action packed. You are probably an outcast but every interesting though noone will give you a chance. There is always something going on in your like and its always abnormal.
#6 5.2%
The Princess Bride- Romantic comedy? I don't really know how to describe it. Your life is wild and quite funny. You would do anything for true love and yet you manage to laugh the whole time. You are funny, loving, and love action.
#7 3.4%
Zoolander- Comedy. You are as funny as heck. You probably keep your friends laughing 24/7. You might be a little into yourself though. You try not to be though... maybe...
#8 0.0%
Jaws- A classic. Or at least I think. You want to be scary but sometimes its hard to be afraid of you because you don't play the role well. You love action and probably are very restless. In your world only the fittest survive.
#9 0.0%
Monsters Inc- A innocent scary movie. You come off quite weird, but then you rpve yourself as a sweetie. You would do anything for a friend and anything for a good laugh.

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