Survey Says: Top Which rated x character are you? results, Weird Survey
The top 6 Which rated x character are you? results of 222 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which rated x character are you?.      

#1 31.5%
Shara- you like to eat alot and draw alot but when you arent mad at people you are a good person
#2 16.7%
Elizabeth- You are a poser somedays you want to be a goth the next day you wanna be a prep so just make up your mind you are very shallow
#3 15.3%
Preston- you are tough and strong you are a good fighter and lie alot
#4 14.0%
Chris- You are an ok fighter sorta tough but you steal all the time so watch for the cops
#5 11.7%
Zack- You are feared and for a good reason you are tough and fearless
#6 9.0%
T-You are a true daredevil

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