Survey Says: Top What kind of mouse are you? results, Wild Animals Survey
Wild AnimalsThe top 10 What kind of mouse are you? results of 1169 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What kind of mouse are you?.      

#1 25.7%
Fisher mouse (it catches fish)
#2 18.4%
Domestic fancy mouse
#3 17.5%
Pygmy mouse
#4 13.7%
Egyptian spiny mouse (yes, they have spines!)
#5 11.2%
Dormouse (not really a mouse, but it looks like one)
#6 5.7%
Grasshopper mouse (it eats insects)
#7 3.8%
Laboratory mouse
#8 1.6%
Wood mouse
#9 1.3%
Zebra mouse
#10 0.9%
Harvest mouse

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