Survey Says: Top Which Re-Animator Character Are You? results, Movies Survey
The top 8 Which Re-Animator Character Are You? results of 883 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Re-Animator Character Are You?.      

#1 38.8%
Dr. Carl Hill from Re-Animator
#2 23.2%
Dan Cain from Re-Animator
#3 14.4%
Herbert West from Re-Animator
#4 12.1%
Dr. Carl Hill's Head from Re-Animator
#5 5.0%
Dean Alan Halsey from Re-Animator
#6 2.9%
A Re-Animated Corpse from Re-Animator
#7 2.5%
Megan Halsey from Re-Animator
#8 1.0%
Rufuss The Cat Who Died, Came Back To Life And Died Again from Re-Animator

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