Survey Says: Top Comic Book Ideology results, Comics Survey
The top 10 Comic Book Ideology results of 1841 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Comic Book Ideology.      

#1 17.2%
Stan Lee. The forefather of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee has recently worked in the realm of webcomics. His work is typically geared toward superheroics and younger sensibilities.
#2 16.9%
Neil Gaiman. Best known for his work on the Vertigo series, Sandman, Gaiman no longer does work amidst the comic book medium. He is an author and is experiencing a great deal of success with his latest novel, American Gods.
#3 13.2%
Dave Sim. The creator of Cerebus, Sim is a devoted and consistent independent creator.
#4 11.8%
Gary Groth. Editor of Comics Journal and co-owner of Fantagraphics books, Groth is a surly elitist. His view would tend toward art, intellectualism and creator-ownership.
#5 9.1%
Scott McCloud. McCloud is a comic creator and well-known supporter of web-based comics. He has worked in the creator-owned, independent field his entire career.
#6 8.7%
Kevin Smith. The reknowned movie director and fan of the comic book medium, Smith has been quoted as saying the comic book medium is a niche medium. Typically a certain mode of apathy is associated with Smith.
#7 8.7%
Steven Grant. Grant is a writer for Comic Book Resources. His column, Master of the Obvious, has served to inform as well as indoctrinate many to the trends of the comic book industry. He also speaks to the downfall of company-owned serialized monthly superhero comic books of which he is a veteran.
#8 6.0%
Grant Morrison. Morrison is the current writer of Marvel's New X-Men and is a major proponent of state-of-the-art pop comics. Popular for his Invisibles work, the lion's share of his recent work has been under the umbrella of company-owned superhero comics.
#9 4.7%
Joe Quesada/Bill Jemas. Editor-in-Chief and President of Marvel Comics respectively, these two men have brought what some call a comic book renaissance to Marvel. Purveyors of serialized monthly superhero comics, they are ushering in a new wave of hucksterism. The saying "any press is good press" rings true here.
#10 3.7%
Warren Ellis. Ellis is the preeminent spokesperson for, among other things, creator-ownership, and genre-busting, finite comics work. Most popular for his work on the creator-influenced Authority and his creator-owned comic Transmetropolitan, he very much practices what he preaches. Visit his site and forum at your own risk.

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