Survey Says: Top Invader Zim Character Test results, Television Survey
TelevisionThe top 9 Invader Zim Character Test results of 1921 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Invader Zim Character Test.      

#1 19.8%
Dib- Your thought of paranormal life exsisting guides your career to be a paranormal investigator. Not like Bill, though. Bill thinks that Ghosts and Bigfoot are total fakes, and that if a crop circle is formed by a cow rolling in grass, supernatural life forms must have possessed it. You are also incredibly intelligent. No one helps you. Everyone thinks you're too wierd, and you have a freakishly large head. You and Gaz are the only ones that know about ZIM's plans to destroy Earth, but Gaz could really care less. Your efforts in trying to make things right, usually go wrong in your own plan, and are somehow ironically revived by no doing of you. You HATE ZIM. You want terribly to perform horrible tests on him.....HORRIBLE TESTS!!!
#2 17.6%
Gaz- You are the video game QUEEN. Or King, depending if you turned out to be a guy like Gaz. (There's nothing wrong with that...) You are the master of all that is portable handheld entertainment. You also hate your sibling(s). You hate it when people bother you while you're busy, let alone bother you at all. The only thing you basically like is video games, and pizza. Everything else, you pretty much hate. Especially Dib. YOU DESPISE DIB.
#3 16.7%
Ms. Bitters- The name is self explanitory. You are extremely bitter. You think EVERYTHING is hopeless, and you've been around on this planet for GOD KNOWS how long. You don't like children, and you take pleasure in punishing them, but don't really show it when you give them sponges the size of your pinky nail to clean up the class room from the disgusting mold you might find growing out of the walls. You are destined to be a teacher on....uh....implosions, because that's basically all you talk about. You think you know that everyone is "DOOMED" for some unknown theological reason.
#4 16.6%
GIR- If this is the first character that popped up on your results, you've seriously got some things to work out as far as mind goes. You are a moron. A genuine idiot. You care about nothing else other than entertaining yourself with funny little nonsesical toys. When you watch 4 hour long movies, when it's over, your response is usually: "I WANNA WATCH IT AGAIN!" *click; rewind; click; play; stare* Some people might find you annoying, but generally, most people like you because they pity your for your idiocy.
#5 10.5%
Almighty Tallest- You think everyone shorter than you is stupid. Espectially ZIM. YOU DESPISE ZIM (whoa...DeJaVu....) You are the leader of whatever group you think you own, and everyone follows your lead. You are a natural leader. Not a very good one, but one nonetheless. You also find it funny to send ZIM defective S.I.R.s, even though they went to the wrong address. But your initial reaction to the thought of sending them to ZIM before the addresses were switched were: "*gasp!* but those will kill him!...........AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
#6 6.5%
Prof. Membrane- Wow! You have your own TV show! You never have any time to spend with your kids, and you think your own son, Dib, has an abnormally large head, and you also think he's nuts. You are INCREDIBLY smart and imaginative with solving world problems. You have made or thought up really super cool inventions. You major in science, and like it. If you don't like it, but got Prof. Membrane, then ya might wanna take the quiz over and make a few adjustments...
#7 5.5%
Iggins- You are a self centered little creep. You also get very easily paranoid if you think that someone's stalking you. Like Gaz, for instance. You took her Gameslave 2...YOU SWINE! You make me sick, you know that!? HOW CAN YOU BE SO INCONSIDERATE, YOU LITTLE BUG-EYED CHUBBLY FREAK!......oh...*cough* where was I....oh yes, EARTH IS DOOMED. The end.
#8 4.6%
ZIM- You try to be extremely dominant, but your efforts in realizing the harmless truth of every day human life and objects takes your imagination to the extreme thought. You think what is perfectly normal, such as the FBI warning on DVD's, and VHS's that you rented from a Hollywood Video, is actually the government trying to bust your diabolical human-destroying plans. Evidently, you think that you have power and authority over every human and thing in the universe, but everyone ignores your warnings of "doom" simply because your small....very, very small. As in size. You hate everyone on Earth. Especially Dib. You despise Dib.
#9 2.3%
Keef- You are an incredibly obvious outcast. EVERYONE thinks you're weird. Even Dib does, and Dib doesn't think that of everyone. You tried to befriend ZIM, and you apparently still think he's your friend, you're just not obsessed over it anymore. You ended up stalking him, calling his house, and throwing a "weirdo" suprise party for him. That's when he made you think he was a squirrel...heh heh...I laughed at that....You like the circus, and you have freakishly large eyes, and red hair. You scare pretty much everyone when you yell out your distorted, "PAAAAARRRRTTTTYYYYYY!!!!" call.

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