Survey Says: Top What Male Archetype Are You? results, Mythology Survey
The top 10 What Male Archetype Are You? results of 10389 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Male Archetype Are You?.      

#1 20.5%
Lord of the Underworld (Hades, Osiris, Arawn)
#2 19.7%
Bardic Champion (Balder, Hercules, Ogma)
#3 13.6%
Shining Lord (Apollo, Lugh, Horus)
#4 10.4%
Sea King (Poseidon, Neptune, Manannan)
#5 9.0%
Green Man (Dagda, Bacchus)
#6 7.3%
Devious Trickster (Mercury, Loki)
#7 7.0%
Wounded King (Tyr, Nuada)
#8 5.4%
Sky King (Zeus, Jupiter, Ra)
#9 4.5%
Fiery Blacksmith (Goibnhu, Vulcan)
#10 2.6%
Grim Warrior (Ares, Thor)

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