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MythologyThe top 5 what elemental spirit are you? results of 120 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for what elemental spirit are you?.

#1 59.2%
fire spirit - your frquently angered and want everything to go your way. but you love those close to you and would risk your own life to save theirs
#2 15.0%
dark spirit - your a dark and moody person. when people close to you die you mourn for a day or two then get back to life (or after life what ever you prefer). but those you love you charish and find yourself loving them for as long as you can remember.
#3 14.2%
water spirit - your a very selfesh person. at first glance your a mean and despising person but if people got to know you they would see your fun and energetic. you dream of your love and try your hardest to keep him/her a secret.
#4 7.5%
wind spirit - your easy going and are almost always happy. those you love are no more important than your other friends.
#5 4.2%
earth spirit - you love to share. you can share almost anything you own with almost can share anything with your love and thats why your he/she loves you.

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