Survey Says: Top What Halloween costume are you? results, Horror Survey
HorrorThe top 25 What Halloween costume are you? results of 3742 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Halloween costume are you?.      

#1 20.8%
#2 13.3%
Michelle Bachmann. For the female with the proper looks. DYI with lots of red lipstick, blazer and skirt. Adopt her ultra-conservative, wide-eyed personna.
#3 10.2%
Lady Gaga
#4 8.8%
Charlie Sheen. Dress like the former ''Two & Half Men'' star. Talk about ''winning, duh'', ''my big beautiful warlock brain'' and ''tiger blood''.
#5 6.1%
#6 5.5%
Kim Jong Il. Ideal for a kid or other short person. Wear grey shirt/jacket buttoned to neck, large glasses. Poof up black hair like the North Korean leader.
#7 5.2%
Cereal Killer. DYI with large cereal box with hole cut out for your face. Carry toy gun or knife.
#8 4.8%
Ghost. DYI with old sheets, preferably stain-free.
#9 3.8%
#10 3.3%
Facebook. DYI with your face poking out of a ''book''.
#11 3.3%
Woody or Jesse from Toy Story. DYI with appropriate cowboy outfit, boots, cowboy hat, etc. and pull string.
#12 3.0%
Iron Man
#13 2.9%
Frankenstein's monster. Available at costume shops, but a creative person could assemble costume with thrift store clothing and glued-on Styrofoam neck ''bolts''.
#14 2.4%
Octomom. Wear multiple baby carriers holding eight baby dolls.
#15 1.9%
#16 1.8%
YouTube. DYI with large box with front cut out to expose your head and shoulders. Decorate box with YouTube logo, buttons, progress bar, border, etc. You are the ''video''.
#17 1.1%
Groucho Marx. DYI with greasepaint mustache and eyebrows, baggy suit and the classic eyeglasses with built-in nose.
#18 0.7%
Michael Jackson
#19 0.7%
Snooki or The Situation from the Jersey Shore
#20 0.3%
Political masks and costumes: Obama, Sarah Palin, etc.
#21 0.1%
Tea Party member. DYI with goofy political sign, tea bags adorning your hat.
#22 0.0%
#23 0.0%
#24 0.0%
#25 0.0%

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