Survey Says: Top Mulan character Selector results, Movies Survey
MoviesThe top 9 Mulan character Selector results of 3936 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Mulan character Selector.      

#1 32.2%
Mulan (Determined, cunninig, but nice)
#2 19.0%
Mushu(not to tactful, but is always willing to help)
#3 13.8%
Fa Zhu (smart, wise, and has much honor)
#4 12.6%
Chin-pou(peacful, calm, and nice)
#5 9.8%
Shang (good leader, intelligent, but a tad cocky, not much though)
#6 7.6%
Ling( cocky, funny, and not very serious)
#7 3.7%
Grandmother(Funny, supersticous, and suporting)
#8 1.0%
Yow(rude, cocky, strong, and a good friend)
#9 0.3%
Match-Maker (hard to please, a bit hard on others)

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