Survey Says: Top what kind of government would you run? results, Religion Survey
The top 10 what kind of government would you run? results of 651 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for what kind of government would you run?.      

#1 37.0%
you will purposly kill your people, who knows why
#2 35.0%
your such a good prez and your people love you so much that your like Hitler in 1940's germany
#3 9.2%
this time next year, your country will be nothing but a crater
#4 5.5%
the people will live in happiness with you as ruler, cuz you lie to them all
#5 4.9%
everyone in your country will run away cuz your leadership skills are ass
#6 3.4%
your country will eventually have to merge with another to survive
#7 1.5%
your government will everntually go back to the stone age with the way you run shit
#8 1.4%
your gonna start shit with every other country to feel special
#9 1.2%
you dont deseve to rule, but have been elected anyways, the poeple will starve cuz of you
#10 0.8%
your country could very well take over the rest of the world

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