Survey Says: Top What is your Element? results, Metaphysical Survey
The top 7 What is your Element? results of 1055 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What is your Element?.      

#1 37.7%
Earth: You stay the same no matter what. You are a good friend and a bad enemy. You may not get into many fights, but when you do......well you show them who you are and make sure they don't forget it!!!!
#2 27.7%
Light: You're almost always happy, no matter how bad things may be. Optimistic is a good way to describe you. Your happiness can change a group of people just by hanging out with them
#3 15.5%
Air: You are very much like water, except that you can often be manipulated or veered from the path you originally wanted to take. Sometimes, though, you can be a strong wind and not take no for an answer. In other words you can be yourself, just at different levels of intensity.
#4 6.8%
Fire: You tend to be strong willed and have strong emotions. You like to have things your way, and you may go as far as fighting someone to have it your way. You may be quick to anger.
#5 6.4%
Dark: You may not be the nicest person around, and you may often show it. Negativity, chaos, havoc, etc. may be what you enjoy. You don't like people that are very happy and stay that way. It may disgust you.
#6 5.8%
Water: You appear to be calm and serene, but people may underestimate you and think that you are a pushover. You may get really mad and just go beserk. But other than that you stay calm under most circumstances.
#7 0.1%
Spark (Thunder): You are a quick and tricky person. You may be a person that is open-minded. Swift to speak freely, thinking things through before you talk isn't what you feel like doing. Your mouth may get you in trouble, that is, if it hasn't already. You like to be in the now or future, not lingering over the past.

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