Survey Says: Top Which member of the Fellowship are you? results, Lord of the Rings Survey
Lord of the RingsThe top 9 Which member of the Fellowship are you? results of 9377 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which member of the Fellowship are you?.      

#1 38.5%
Aragorn - a skillful ranger, a brave warrior and a noble king, apparently kind, loving and wise enough for Arwen to choose a mortal life with him rather than an immortal one alone
#2 18.4%
Gandalf - the powerful and truly wise wizard who never lets others see what he is up to; and there are few indeed who can fully appreciate his impeccable sense of humour
#3 14.5%
Sam - extremely loyal, and able to bear the greatest of difficulties for a friend; gentle and ever patient
#4 14.3%
Legolas - the wise and independent elf with keen senses, always ready to do what has to be done, never thinking twice about helping those in need of help
#5 5.5%
Boromir - a loyal man who above all seeks to protect his people; human nature rather than evilness is his downfall, and his bravery is rivaled by few
#6 3.9%
Gimli - the courageous dwarf and faithful friend, wary of strangers at first, but not failing to admit having been wrong about them
#7 3.3%
Pippin - a true hobbit, always hungry and full of mischief; too inquisitive at times, but with more than a hobbit's share of bravery
#8 1.1%
Frodo - the adventurous and thus un-hobbitlike hobbit always in doubt, but ready to do what is needed when the time comes to decide
#9 0.6%
Merry - one of the jolly hobbits the fellowship would have suffered greatly without

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