Survey Says: Top Which Female Freak is Your Friend? results, Weird Survey
The top 6 Which Female Freak is Your Friend? results of 109 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Female Freak is Your Friend?.      

#1 34.9%
you are Tofu's friend! An insane dragon who eats people!
#2 23.9%
you are Layla's friend! The only one who dares to wear pink pants and thinks long haired guys, dead people, and aliens are sexy!
#3 15.6%
you are Alien's friend! Her shirt is a napkin, her pants, shiny, and her personality: Sweet!
#4 11.0%
you are Kayla's friend! She skates, has blue hair, and is a whore!
#5 9.2%
you are Siobhaen's friend! An blonde looking for a vampire boyfriend who has many invisible buddies!
#6 5.5%
you are Opal's friend! A girl who can draw, write, sing and do everything good! One word: Jewish!

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