Survey Says: Top How Evil Are You? results, Personality Survey
The top 10 How Evil Are You? results of 18728 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How Evil Are You?.      

#1 42.3%
Psycho - Congratulations you're a psycho. So let's say you're a bit messed up, and loving it that way. Not many people get you, but hey you don't get yourself, who would? Perhaps you should take up knitting or something to stop you being so scary and dangerous. Come to think of it though, knitting is quite scary too... Result graphic
#2 19.1%
Hopeless romantic - You believe in the good in everyone and everything and one day you will find your true love. You may look at the world a bit niavely though, so remember not everyone's as angelic as you. Result graphic
#3 8.0%
Bitch - You love yourself a lot and can be regardless of other people's feelings a lot of the time. You may well be heartless and mean, but you're not the only one and so are relatively normal because the world is full of bitches like you. Result graphic
#4 6.3%
Lost soul - You may be a bit messed up and evil, but it's not your fualt. Perhaps you've just got some skeletons in the cupboard which need unearthing before you become so evil it's irreversible. Or you could just be naturally bad... Result graphic
#5 6.2%
Goody-two-shoes - You like to do things right and hardly ever do anything against the rules. You're playing it safe, so you'll probably never get in trouble, and that's a good thing. People probably like you too because you think about their feelings. Result graphic
#6 4.7%
Saint - You always do the right thing and are incredibly selfless. Is there actually any evil in you at all? People may not always respect you and may think you're a bit odd, but the world needs people like you - go do your duty! sniff..sniff Result graphic
#7 4.2%
Death Faerie -You crave power and lurve being the top of the food chain. So you bring death and destruction wherever you go, you look good doing it and that's what matters. Result graphic
#8 3.5%
Rebel - you like to do things your own way and won't let anyone else tell you what to do or how to behave. Personally I wouldn't say that you were that evil, just different. Result graphic
#9 3.1%
Normal - Well done you're one of the few normal people doing this test. You can sometimes be a bit harsh/naughty, but we all can, right? Result graphic
#10 2.2%
Darling - Awww everyone loves you, and not because you're perfect. You always think of others and are incredibly sweet, well done. You sometimes don't behave like a saint, but you are definitely positively balanced. Result graphic

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