Survey Says: Top A More Meaningful Harry Potter House Sorter results, Harry Potter Survey
Harry PotterThe top 4 A More Meaningful Harry Potter House Sorter results of 45252 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for A More Meaningful Harry Potter House Sorter.      

#1 48.3%
Ravenclaw: You are gifted with an imagination that allows you to see the world in a different light than other wizards. Your curiosity pushes you to learn, and your artistic nature drives you to make your own creations. Ravenclaws are scholars and craftsmen, learning all they can about something and then trying to improve its design. You enjoy puzzles and the challenge of the unknown, but not if it involves too much personal danger. Being strongly opinionated and sensitive about your creations, you prefer working alone than in groups. Unfortunately, this sometimes makes you appear selfish and unfriendly, and you may even feel under appreciated at times. But it is thanks to you Ravenclaws that spells and magical devices keep improving each year. Be careful, however, for Ravenclaws have also been known to be so focused on the beauty or greatness of their inventions, that they don't realize how dangerous they can be in the wrong hands!
#2 20.0%
Hufflepuff: You are the pillars supporting the wizarding world. You are the builders and workers keeping society running smoothly. You take great pride in your accomplishments. You do not like getting involved in anything risky, worried about losing all that you have worked hard for, but you still manage to be generous to those who need help. You enjoy good company and are fiercely loyal to friends who have proven themselves to you. You work hard to be an upstanding citizen, and think of others as the same, unless they give you good reason not to. You are both practical and efficient. You aren't afraid of work, knowing that it will pay off in the long run. Many Hufflepuffs eventually acquire positions of great wealth and respect. You aren't likely to whine or complain, knowing that for the most part, things usually work out for the best.
#3 19.9%
Slytherin: It's thanks to you that wizards and witches everywhere have access to the finest magical resources, spells, and mythical creatures. You bravely go where no one else dares, exploring long buried crypts and ancient ruins for the treasures of long lost magical civilizations. You see the advancement of the wizarding world as an important goal, so you continuously seek out bigger and more powerful sources of magic to aid your community. You aren't afraid of danger, and your competitive spirit drives you do defeat any challenges you encounter. You are rash and impatient and prefer fighting your way out of a situation than thinking things through. But beware, for more than any other House, the Slytherins risk stumbling across Dark Arts magic and falling prey to its temptations. Being fierely competitive, you prefer working alone than in groups, though you won't object to having someone latch onto you if it suits your purposes, or to doing a little ass-kissing yourself if it opens up new opportunities for you. You've worked hard for what you have, and won't easily part with any of it. You mistrust others, prefering to rely on your own judgements. For this reason, sometimes you disagree with laws and rules, and feel no qualms about breaking them. To you, the ends justify the means.
#4 11.7%
Gryffindor : You are the faithful civil servants of the wizarding world--warriors, teachers, and leaders--who both guide and protect your peers from harm. You like being around people, and helping those who need it. You are brave enough to face danger when others are threatened, and even put your life on the line if need be, but you won't do it needlessly. Unlike the other Houses, it isn't the need for fame or accomplishments that motivates you. You enjoy the simple act of helping others, and working with people who feel the same way. You have great faith in your fellow wizards, and won't make assumptions about anyone. You have been given great responsibility, and take it very seriously, though sometimes the job is difficult and gets you down.

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