Survey Says: Top Are you insane? results, Philosophy Survey
The top 10 Are you insane? results of 867 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Are you insane?.      

#1 23.6%
You are truly insane! Welcome to the top!
#2 14.1%
Almost! Work on it!
#3 10.1%
Iím disappointed
#4 9.9%
Do you see crazy people?
#5 9.7%
Brain is my leader
#6 9.3%
Really average
#7 9.2%
Get a life!
#8 7.2%
You are so sane, it's just pathetic.
#9 5.0%
Crazy people make you nervous, donít they?
#10 1.8%
Not as nutty as you could be

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