Survey Says: Top Are you weird? results, Weird Survey
The top 10 Are you weird? results of 495 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Are you weird?.      

#1 68.1%
Don't worry, at least now you know why people look at you funny!
#2 16.0%
The weird fairy hasn't visited you, yet!
#3 9.1%
You are definitely weird!
#4 3.6%
You may be on the verge of weirdness!
#5 2.4%
You have been infected by the weird fairy!
#6 0.8%
You need to go do some weird things today! You're not weird enough!
#7 0.0%
You are just plain average. Boring!
#8 0.0%
You are normal!
#9 0.0%
You are not weird!
#10 0.0%
You are right in the middle!

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