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Over 20,000 selectors -- The top What kind of Halloween costume should you wear? results, A Weird Selector
WeirdThe top 15 What kind of Halloween costume should you wear? results of 1502 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What kind of Halloween costume should you wear?.

#1 29.8%
A WITCH/WIZARD costume might appeal to you!
#2 11.2%
Eep, stay away from me, you VAMPIRE!
#3 9.9%
GRRrrrrrrraaaaaaar! See if you can get a nasty MONSTER costume
#4 7.8%
Hey, you'd look great as a big orange PUMPKIN!
#5 7.3%
Hey, you're GUM UNDER A SHOE!
#6 5.5%
ehehehehe... why don't you CROSSDRESS?
#7 5.5%
Eep! eep! You're a big ol' MONKEY!
#8 5.3%
You'll be perfect as a SLUT or a PIMP!
#9 4.2%
Eew... you're a big green BOOGER.
#10 3.6%
Hmmm... I suspect you should be something like a DOCTOR or a POLICEMAN/WOMAN.
#11 2.3%
AHH! You could be a POP STAR!
#12 2.2%
Meow! Woof! You'd make a great CAT/DOG!
#13 2.2%
You're a ZOMBIE! Uuuuuuunnnnnggh...
#14 1.7%
This halloween, you'll be styling as a preppy little CHEERLEADER/FOOTBALL PLAYER!
#15 1.6%
You obviously don't care... so just be YOURSELF.

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