Survey Says: Top Who is your inner Greek God/Goddess? (Revised) results, Mythology Survey
The top 14 Who is your inner Greek God/Goddess? (Revised) results of 37 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Who is your inner Greek God/Goddess? (Revised).      

#1 35.1%
Zeus-Ruler of all the gods. He ruled the sky, and wielded the lightning bolt. He is married to Hera, but sleeps with many a mortal women.
#2 13.5%
Hera-she is Zeus's wife and sister. She was the protector of marriage. She was also known for the cruel punishments she would inflict on the women Zeus slept with. She was also very vain.
#3 10.8%
Aphrodite-was married to Hephaestus, but did not love him. She was the goddess of love. She was the most beautiful of all the goddesses. She was very vain. She could be spiteful at times but was usually just a ditz.
#4 10.8%
Apollo- was Artemis twin brother. He was a great musician, and the god of truth, light, and healing.
#5 10.8%
Athena- was the goddess of battle. She was known as being logical and wise. she was also the protector of weavers, architects, and artists. She was one of the virgin goddesses, and was vain.
#6 5.4%
Hermes- was the messenger of the gods. He was very mischievous. He was the god of thieves. He had a winged hat, and winged sandals.
#7 2.7%
Artemis- was Apollo's twin sister. She was the huntress goddess. She was also the protector of youth. She was one of the three virgin goddesses. She hated men and loved only the hunt. She was also known as the moon goddess.
#8 2.7%
Hades-He controlled the underworld (heaven & hell). He is Zeus's brother. He is known for being merciless, but just. he is also rich for he owns all metal/gems found in the earth. He married Persephone, whom he had kidnapped. He was king of the dead, but was not death itself.
#9 2.7%
Hecate- goddess of magic
#10 2.7%
Hephaestus- was the only crippled god. He had a deformed leg. He was the fire god. He created all the god's armor and weapons. He was known as being very kind and good natured. He was the blacksmith to the gods.
#11 2.7%
Hestia-she is Zeus's sister, and is goddess of the hearth. She is known for being one of the three virgin goddesses.
#12 0.0%
Ares-was the god of war. He was known as being a coward, and was quite disliked by most.
#13 0.0%
Janus- god of choices
#14 0.0%
Poseidon-He was the ruler of the sea, and Zeus's brother. He created the first horse, and the first earthquake. He was happily married. He is always seen carrying his trident.

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