Survey Says: Top Which Kids Next Door Character are you?? results, Television Survey
TelevisionThe top 5 Which Kids Next Door Character are you?? results of 5249 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Kids Next Door Character are you??.      

#1 37.4%
Numbuh 5- You are Sneaky, and cool-headed.You have a bit of common sense.
#2 21.4%
Numbuh 1- You're the leader with cool accent.You (usually) confident during crisis, though you have break downs due to the other Kids' ineptitude.
#3 19.4%
Numbuh 3- You are Happy-Go-Lucky. You often seem to be in you're own little world. You seem to forget things often.
#4 14.7%
Numbuh 4- You are a tough kid. You tend to rush into things and you are the first to ruin things.
#5 7.1%
Numbuh 2- You LOVE airplanes, and you love to build flying machines.You are a bit clumsy, though...

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