Survey Says: Top Which Member of The Rolling Stones are you? results, Musical Groups Survey
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The top 6 Which Member of The Rolling Stones are you? results of 2518 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Member of The Rolling Stones are you?.      

#1 29.5%
Brian Jones - That groovy blond guitar-playing cutie! Mysterious but Oh so Fine.
#2 21.3%
Billy Wyman - Mysterious, yet totally groovy! Talented and very soulful. A little shy, but can crawl right out of his skin.
#3 17.8%
Mick Jagger - The center of attention. A singer and dancer, shaking that groove thang! A Cutie at that! Watch out girls!
#4 16.4%
Charlie Watts - The loveable Charlie! How can anyone not like him? Quiet, reserved, shy...the back beat of the band.
#5 7.8%
Keith Richards - A rather attractive bloke with a mind of his own. Party hard Richards! Keep playing that guitar! Wild Man!
#6 7.1%
None of them - This means, you aren't like any of the members. HAHA! Go away.

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