Survey Says: Top Crystal, Mineral & Gemstone Selector results, Science & Nature Survey
Science & NatureThe top 12 Crystal, Mineral & Gemstone Selector results of 1263 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Crystal, Mineral & Gemstone Selector.      

#1 98.1%
Amethyst (good for attuning to/maintaining connection with one's spirit)
#2 1.6%
Garnet (stimulates 1st chakra/creative center, color of blood -- the life force of the physical body)
#3 0.3%
Turquoise/Onyx (both help to absorb & neutralize negative energies)
#4 0.0%
Carnelian (good for the lungs, may use in conjunction with Pearl where breathing disorder is emotionally related)
#5 0.0%
Clear Quartz (good for general clarity)
#6 0.0%
Fluorite (clears auric field/helps release old patterns which are no longer useful)
#7 0.0%
Hematite (assistive in cleansing the blood and stimulating blocked or weak circulation)
#8 0.0%
Herkimer/Payson (Quartz) "Diamonds" (beneficial in connection to 'higher realms' of consciousness/non-ordinary reality)
#9 0.0%
Herkimer/Payson (Quartz) ''Diamonds'' and Amethyst (crown chakra -- connection to spirit, third-eye chakra -- intuitive center respectively)
#10 0.0%
Moldavite/Meteorite (helps one to anchor to physical body, calms feelings of 'wanting to leave Earth')
#11 0.0%
Pearl (helps facilitate emotional release)
#12 0.0%
Rose Quartz (soothing pink color, often associated with love)

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