Survey Says: Top Your Future in love results, Love Survey
The top 4 Your Future in love results of 5190 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Your Future in love.      

#1 70.9%
No worries!!!!!:-D You've got a great future ahead of you even if you are getting on a bit!Well done!!!!!!!!
#2 17.9%
You've got nothing to hope for. :-( I'm sorry but you've got no hope.You will have to settle with short term flings or settle down on your own.
#3 11.1%
You need to steady your life out a bit.:- You need to be more committed and listen to your partner but at the same time make your own decisions.
#4 0.0%
Your heading in the right direction.;-)Your getting there.don't let people make your decisions for you and you'll be fine!

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