Survey Says: Top Which Robin Hood character are you? results, Theatre Survey
TheatreThe top 10 Which Robin Hood character are you? results of 395 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Robin Hood character are you?.      

#1 43.8%
Ellen Deirwald hates the sheriff because she was taken hostage by him.
#2 14.2%
Little john is tall.
#3 12.2%
Maid marian is a great woman and it is good to be her.
#4 11.1%
you are robin hood. He is smart and funny and totally heroic.
#5 5.8%
Prioress of Kirklees is robin's cousin.
#6 4.1%
Friar Tuck is just a funny guy.
#7 3.3%
king john is greedy.
#8 2.8%
queen elenor is king john's mother who likes robin and his merry band.
#9 1.5%
Much gets killed by a man he thought was a horse.
#10 1.3%
the Bishop is a hysterical character.

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