Survey Says: Top Foreign Policy Positions results, Politics Survey
The top 10 Foreign Policy Positions results of 3238 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Foreign Policy Positions.      

#1 8.2%
Cautious Realist
#2 7.7%
Amoral Neoconservative (democratic imperialist with emphasis on the imperialist)
#3 7.3%
Moral Neoconservative (Democratic imperialist, with emphasis on the democratic)
#4 7.0%
Liberal Interventionist
#5 6.8%
Liberal Internationalist
#6 5.2%
Dovish Leftist / "Chomskyite" / "Idiotarian"
#7 3.3%
Wrong--The ethical questions of foreign policy may be subjective, but the relative hotness of Britney and Christina is not a matter of opinion. Your view is factually wrong. Sorry.
#8 3.1%
#9 3.1%
#10 2.5%

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