Survey Says: Top Nile Kido's Fan Fic Characters results, Anime Survey
The top 5 Nile Kido's Fan Fic Characters results of 24 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Nile Kido's Fan Fic Characters.      

#1 83.3%
Erika Crane: You moved to Japan recently and lets just say you don't know the language very well. You are the goggle head of the group and you have the strongest Digimon, but be careful others may be jelious of you.
#2 16.7%
Niresu Kido: You went through some dramatic changes in life. You started out as a young boy who was abused by his father. Then you became an older boy who was still abused. The death of your sister and you fathers abuse caused you to go a little crazy and when you got an abnormal power boost you went out for revenge.
#3 0.0%
Baku Yogashiro: You like elling old World War Two stories, but they are really fu*cked up. Many wonder if you actually know what World War Two is. You have a crush on the someone and are not exactly the smartest person around. You have a twin sister.
#4 0.0%
Nisa Jonesu: You love singing! Sin Sing Sing thats what you love doing! But because you violent partner doesn't like it you don't sing around him for fear of getting bitten again.
#5 0.0%
Risa Yogashiro: You are the smart one, but you are also bossy. You are jelious of the leader becuse she's not good enought to be leader. You also have a twin brother.

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