Survey Says: Top Women's Vintage Fashion Decade Selector results, Fashion Survey
FashionThe top 7 Women's Vintage Fashion Decade Selector results of 8241 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Women's Vintage Fashion Decade Selector.

#1 23.3%
Bold, modern 1960s styles -- minis and bellbottoms and platforms, oh my!
#2 20.3%
Warm, back-to-nature '70s threads -- think Mary Tyler Moore
#3 19.7%
Drab, functional 1930s Depression-era clothes
#4 11.9%
Saucy 1920s flapper fashions
#5 9.2%
Glam, decadent '80s wear -- labels, shoulderpads, stilettos and lots of hair!
#6 9.0%
Dior's post-war New Look -- 1950s' figure-flattering, feminine frocks
#7 6.7%
Simple, tailored but feminine 1940s styles

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