Survey Says: Top What mythological creature would you be? results, Mythology Survey
The top 25 What mythological creature would you be? results of 29422 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What mythological creature would you be?.      

#1 17.4%
Dryad (a tree spirit)
#2 11.9%
Dragon (a classic creature of myth, often quick-tempered but logical at the same time)
#3 9.8%
Phoenix (only one of your kind every one-hundred years, you are the symbol of immortality and rebirth... a fiery bird)
#4 9.2%
A Deity (All hail to thee! o Mighty GOD/DESS!)
#5 7.3%
Selkie (you can turn into a seal! related to kelpies, who turn into horses instead)
#6 4.9%
Niad (a water spirit, related to the Dryad)
#7 4.7%
Cerberus (Greek/Roman myth, you guard the gates to Hades' realm)
#8 4.6%
Banshee (from Celtic mythology, you wail and warn the death of maidens)
#9 4.5%
Harpy (vulture like in most aspects but for the breast/chest and the head... mostly female, often savage and ill-mannered)
#10 3.8%
Imp (a devilish little faery-like creature)
#11 3.7%
Gargoyle ("stone by day, warriors by night")
#12 2.5%
Basilisk (cock and serpent giant sized ::shiver:: all die that cross your path, and hearing your screech people with turn to stone or dust)
#13 2.4%
Vampire (creature of darkness that survives off of the life source of others, often through blood or pure spirit "drinking")
#14 2.0%
Siren (you sing sweet melodies and lure sailors to their deaths)
#15 1.8%
Unicorn (an equine-like creature known for its name, "one horn" on its forehead area, with the ability to heal... immortal)
#16 1.5%
Faerie (creatures of nature, curious, sometimes evil sometimes helpful)
#17 1.3%
Mermaid (the siren of the sea)
#18 1.2%
Elf (related to faeries, but for the wings, you can be either small sized or human sized)---(and you're known for the ears!)
#19 1.2%
Alicorn (unlike the uni-peg, there is only one of you at a time, often quite ferocious unless tamed, and equine-like creature with one horn and wings, possessing the ability to heal)
#20 1.2%
Werewolf (can be evil or good, but wary of most, you can shape-shift into the form of a large wolf, especially so around the full moon)
#21 1.0%
Centaur ( torso up human, below horse or other equine creature)
#22 0.9%
Griffin (half-eagle, half-lion... a worthy leader)
#23 0.6%
Satyr (goat and man, you love to play and joke and dance)
#24 0.5%
Medusa (from Greek mythology, you have snakes for hair and turn people to stone)
#25 0.2%
Pegasus (equine with wings, solitary)

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